Self storage unit size comparison visuals.

Sometimes it is not easy to determine what size of unit will work best for your items or your budget. Below are self storage unit size comparison visual examples, using typical household items, to give you a better idea of what you might be able to fit into different sizes of unit


Equivalent to a Small Bedroom
Stores a typical 1 bedroom apartment
10x10 | 100 Sq Ft | 900 Cu Ft
8 Ft Tall


Equivalent to a 3/4 of a One Car Garage
Stores a typical 2 bedroom apartment
150 Sq Ft | 900 Cu Ft
8 Ft Tall


Equivalent to a Two Car Garage
Typically stores 3 to 4 standard bedrooms
200 Sq Ft | 1800 Cu Ft
8 Ft Tall